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Leonhard Euler and Graph Theory

2 minute read


Leonhard Euler was born on April 15th, 1707. He was a Swiss mathematician who made important and influential discoveries in many branches of mathematics, and to whom it is attributed the beginning of graph theory, the backbone behind network science. Read more


Building links, teaching network science.

6 minute read


This Spring/Summer I was invited to teach an intro to network science course at ITESO as part of their international summer, an initiative that aims to connect students with international teachers. During four weeks the students attended intensive classes (4 hours per day, 4 days per week) first with a local teacher and the last two with the international one. In my case, I worked together with Diego Arredondo, on a course between data visualization and network science. Read more

New Site

less than 1 minute read


New year, new website. During the final weeks of last year I decided to renew my personal website, and here it is, welcome! The site will serve as a repository for my projects and a way to share works in progress. During the following months, I’ll be uploading new and old projects. In the meantime here are two data visualization projects [1] [2] and a talk I gave at the ComplexCity@polito workshop. Read more

The City That Never Sleeps

1 minute read


Today I found this data visualization by Shawn Allen, shared by Aaron Penne, and thought about doing something similar as an exercise for data manipulation and plotting. So I decided to do a plot about the bars, pubs, and night clubs in Manhattan. For the visualization that used python with some libraries, to create the dataset I used OSMnx to download the points of interest and store them into a GeoDataFrame in GeoPandas, that latter was combined with the Manhattan walking network to produce the visualization with Matplotlib. Read more


Community detection

2 minute read


I’ve been playing around with visualizations for street networks, and as a way to practice and improve with the use of custom color palettes with matplotlib I decided to do an exercise to look for communities in a street network and plot them using a custom color palette. All the code is available in this GitHub repo. Read more