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New Site

less than 1 minute read


New year, new website. During the final weeks of last year I decided to renew my personal website, and here it is, welcome! The site will serve as a repository for my projects and a way to share works in progress. During the following months, I’ll be uploading new and old projects. In the meantime here are two data visualization projects [1] [2] and a talk I gave at the ComplexCity@polito workshop. Read more

The City That Never Sleeps

1 minute read


Today I found this data visualization by Shawn Allen, shared by Aaron Penne, and thought about doing something similar as an exercise for data manipulation and plotting. So I decided to do a plot about the bars, pubs, and night clubs in Manhattan. For the visualization that used python with some libraries, to create the dataset I used OSMnx to download the points of interest and store them into a GeoDataFrame in GeoPandas, that latter was combined with the Manhattan walking network to produce the visualization with Matplotlib. Read more


Community detection

2 minute read


I’ve been playing around with visualizations for street networks, and as a way to practice and improve with the use of custom color palettes with matplotlib I decided to do an exercise to look for communities in a street network and plot them using a custom color palette. All the code is available in this GitHub repo. Read more