Get to know me, in this place you might discover some random facts about me, my professional trajectory, and even some tools I use to work.

Hi, my name is Luis G. Natera Orozco. I am Geospatial Network Scientist, currently working as a Software Developer at AerLabs. I hold a Ph.D. in Network Science at the Central European University, where I did my dissertation on Multilayer network analysis of sustainable, multimodal urban transport networks.

I am interested in the intersection between data, technology and cities. I have professional experience working in such topics, from advisory projects with universities, and local governments, to stand alone projects for private clients. This interest has lead me very interesting places, such as presenting my work at NetSci, the flagship conference of the Network Science Society, and the Future of Places conference in Stockholm.

What’s my career history?

Along my life I have worn multiple professional hats. In fact, I am an architect by training and I did designed and build a couple of houses and offices. Here are some of the hats I have worn before my current role:

Software developer

Systemiq, I joined Systemiq after my Ph.D. as a software developer, there I developed, among other projects, simulations for decarbonization of large scale industries, and web applications to design sustainable packaging strategies. I got to work with very interesting people, working in solving hard problems and using different technologies, mostly Python based. It was there that I learned about HTMX, and got to work with it.


Before returning to the private sector I spent around 7 years working in different academic settings, first as executive coordinator for Signa_Lab, a social networks research laboratory in Guadalajara, Mexico. After two years working at stabilising Signa_Lab, I moved to Budapest, Hungary to pursue my Ph.D. in Network Science. I spent four years working on multimodal urban networks and analyzing cities using large scale data and computational tools.

Network analyst

I have worked a different startup level companies as a network and data analyst. During my time at these companies I was analyzing network data from social media sites to optimize advertising campaigns. As an early employee I was also wearing multiple hats and developing simple python tools to collect the data and automatize the analysis of such data.

Public servant

During a short time I worked as a public servant at the Mobility and Transportation Institute of Jalisco. At my time there I worked as a public policy analyst, working on projects related to the implementation of the public bike share system, and the technical guides needed for the evaluation, planning, and development of bicycle infrastructure.

Architect & entrepreneur

After finishing my bachelor in architecture I co-founded an architecture office with a friend. We developed private projects for the design, remodeling and construction of private houses and offices. Besides the privet work, we also developed non-for profit projects, such as urban installations to rise awareness about air pollution, and urban artifacts to extend the experience in the public space.

What do I use to work?

Here is a list of the different tools and the software that I most commonly use for my day to day work and personal projects.

Computers and OS


My online presence and where to find me

I currently live in Amsterdam, and I’ll be happy to chat more about technology, networks, cities, and different topics that I am passionate about. If you happen to be around drop me an email to catch-up.

I am also available online at: