Ph.D. Acknowledgements

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Last November I defended my Ph.D. in Network Science. Even though I am the one awarded the degree, the process was influenced and supported by a multitud of people that set me up, encouraged me, and were present before and during the process of the studies, writing and defending the dissertation.

The dissertation was about using Network Science for studying cities and their mobility infrastructure as a multilayer network. If anyone is interested in reading the dissertation it is openly available here. If you do not want to read the whole dissertation, just read the acknowledgments, a big thank you to all the people who has been around. Here they are.


The entire process of a doctoral program and dissertation involves an incredible support network. I would like to thank and acknowledge several people that have, whether realizing it or not, influenced this work. First, I would like to express my gratitude to my advisors Michaell Szell and Federico Battiston, for their tireless, caring support in this endeavor. Their guidance has been invaluable. I thank Gerardo Iñiguez for his contributions, guidance, and support.

I thank my friends and colleagues from the Department of Network and Data Science: Júlia Perczel, Orsolya Vásárhelyi, Dávid Deritei, Rebeka O.Szabó, Matteo Neri, Manran Zhu, Milan Janosov for their friendship and support during the Ph.D. They, along with the rest of the department, including Olga Peredi, the other Ph.D. students, faculty, postdocs, and visitors, provided a fun and stimulating environment. Special thanks to Agnes Toth from the Center for Academic Writing for her insightful comments.

Moving to pursue a Ph.D. in another country was made easy by encountering new friends along the way. Thank you Detti, Gergo, Gabi, Balazs, Eszti, Balazs, Michelle, and Balazs for making us feel at home in Hungary.

My appreciation goes to my former mentors who set me on this path: Rosy Laguna, for planting the seed to view the world through numbers. Sandra Valdés, Pedro Alcocer, and Alfredo Hidalgo for setting me on a path to understand, plan and build better cities. Rossana Reguillo, thank you for helping me have my first steps into academic research.

I thank all my friends for your kind encouragement, patience, and support. It was essential to keep me sane during the last four years. Thank you, Jorge, Susana, Juan Carlos, Alejandro, Diana, Pily, Gabriel, Andrea, Andrés, Gaby, Juan Carlos, Javier, Ana, Juan Carlos, Juan Pablo, Lucía, Alfredo, Alexa, Carlos, Héctor and to the many, many others that have been there for me when needed. Thank you for your friendship.

I am fortunate to have two families supporting and rooting for me. I thank the Velasco Salcedo’s, Gaby, Andrea, Gaby, and Guillermo, for their unconditional love and support. To the Natera Orozco’s, my parents, Lupita y Jaime, my brother, Jorge — you have provided me with incredible support, endless encouragement, and love. Gracias.

Most importantly, I want to thank Pau. She alone knows what went into this Ph.D. and thesis. How the road was, the lows and highs, the bumps along the road. This has been a shared journey. Her support, encouragement, and love have been essential to be here today. Pau — Thank you for this amazing ride that is life with you. I love you. This thesis is for you.

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