Week in Review 2022-10-31

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Back in Amsterdam after three weeks in Mexico. It was really good to be back there, seeing family and friends. The way back was uneventful, and for the first time in a while I got some jet lag. Not a bad one, but still annoying to wake up in the middle of the night and have a couple of days feeling tired. But after two or three days it was back to normal.

On the work front I have been doing more full stack development, some Python for the backend and some HTMX and a little bit of JavaScript on the frontend. I have to say, HTMX is quite interesting and useful to write modern interfaces, allowing to update only certain areas of the DOM or updating with different behaviors certain elements.

On personal and side projects, I have started a small one. Also Django based, and I am experimenting while setting everything from scratch. I am experimenting not only on the development side, but with GitHub actions, projects, and the different tools they provide. For this one I want to use Tailwind to get to know more about it and their take on CSS. Let’s build! 🚀

Also, autumn is here 🍂, as colorful as it gets.


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