Week in Review 2022-12-05

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This week marked one year working at my current company, and transitioning out from academia after my Ph.D. It was not like moving to a new world to me as I have previously worked in the private sector, it was like a coming back to it with a new skill set.

After one year in the private sector and working in the climate change and sustainability space, I have come to appreciate more the urgency of addressing this issues in a worldwide scale, and to look at everything as a complex system.

I do miss some things from academia, the freedom of research and being able to present my work and interact with a colleagues in conferences, I hope that at some point I can start contributing again to this venues, now from a different perspective. Of course, there are some things that I do not miss, but at the end I both academia and industry have their good and bad sides.

On the personal side, this week was a good one, it had biking, padel, tacos, coding, and the beginning of Christmas!



Week notes

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