Week in Review 2022-12-12

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As we are getting closer to end of the year, and taking some holidays, the week started with a feeling that it was my last week before a two weeks break. Unfortunately, it was not. There is still one more week to go. I have to say, I am really looking forward to take two weeks off and enjoy a break to be ready for 2023.

On work it was a good week, Tuesday had a company wide event to reflect about the work we have done in the last year, think about the next one, and connect with colleagues outside of the office and the day to day work. The rest of the week had some coding, rolling back some changes, thinking about integration between front and backend, and a pairing session about building an API endpoint. The week was good.

On the social and personal side it was also good, it had some parties with friends, going out and enjoying the festive season mood, and also some exercise.

The weather is getting colder, and this past week also brought some fog, it was ideal to get this picture.




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