Week in Review 2022-12-19

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Last week of work of the year. I am looking forward to the time off, recharge, and hopefully get to that state of mind of boredom after having days of not working and without to much mental stimulus. Getting bored is important, and thus I plan to get there in the following two weeks. So do not expect to much from my following weeks in review, probably they will say something on the line of: This week I took 3 naps longer than one hour, and watched three movies. Sounds good, right?

Ok, on the serious note, this was a good week at work, I got to work on getting a connection between the front end and the back end to work due to some rollback of some changes on the back end. While working on the connection, I wrote a test to test the view I was working with, and realized that even if the view was working, the test was failing, and when fixing the view to pass the test, the view on the application got to fail. 🤨 Interesting. The issue was in the database, and it got me to write a Django migration. It was a good learning experience, I wrote about it here.

The week was a good one, temperatures are going down, and that means that the canals are starting to freeze, it is weird to think that just a couple of months ago I was swimming in the canal, and now it is covered in a layer of ice.



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