Week in Review 2022-09-12

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This last week was a very active one. Work-wise it was productive, doing pair programming and taking care of some bugs, functionalities, and tests. Part of iterating between activities is also a good opportunity to learn from the other team members, take for example working alone in introducing a new functionality, then do a code review over the newly introduced code, and finally a pair programming to further think about some edge cases or to improve the readability and organization of certain areas of the app. This learning opportunities have provided me with different insights on how to improve my development and coding skills. Next week I’ll be traveling to Munich to meet with the team, so it will certainly be fun and productive.

Following the technical side, this week I wrote about GeoPandas’ .explore() method to visualize in an interactive map data from a GeoDataFrame.

On the personal side, the week was full with family, friends, and good weather (for the first half of the week), I managed to take one dip in the canal on Monday, probably the last one of the summer/year.


Finally, on Wednesday we went to Café Tacvba concert. It was a long time since the last time I saw them, and it was as good as I remembered. It was good to get back to one concert after a long time and enjoy it with friends. It also produced another effect, that day the area where the concert was felt like being back in México.



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