Week in Review 2022-09-19

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This week I went to Munich for work almost all the week. It was very nice to see so many people and get to together in 3D with the people I work with.

I took the train from Amsterdam to Munich, it is a ~7 hrs ride in case the trains run on time, unfortunately they didn’t. The whole trip took around 9 hrs, having some delay on the Amsterdam departure that make me miss my connection in Mannheim. At the end it wasn’t that bad as it was during lunch time and I had lunch there.

This time in Munich also had old friends, I meet with Christopher for dinner and beers. It was nice to remember old times, and catch-up.

Work wise it was also a very intense week, multiple working sessions on different projects, getting to know more people and have really nice and interesting conversations. It was also a good opportunity to look back and reflect on the work done, take the lessons, and look ahead for the last stint of the year.

I got back to Amsterdam with an extra viruses as souvenir, COVID got me (or I got it) for a second time this year. No much symptoms at the moment, hopefully I will remain without symptoms.



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