Week in Review 2022-09-26

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This past week was a quiet one. It started with COVID, fortunately the symptoms remained very mild, like a normal cold. So I spent mos of my week inside my home. On the work side it was also a good one, the code I worked on for the first six months of the year was open sourced, and a report where I participated (with the code for the simulations) was published. It is a nice feeling to see it out in the open. I’ll make sure to write a dedicated post on the project and the results.

By the end of the week I tested negative again, so I went out. The biggest discovery of the week was a local taco stand in one of Amsterdam’s markets. The tacos were really good, and the taquero, Luis, is a very cool guy. I’ll definitely be coming back 🌮🤤


Finally, the latest improvement in the blog: Comments! 💬✨ It is now possible to leave comments, the only requirement is to be registered with GitHub, as they way they work are by using GitHub issues to store the comments and then display them in the site. So feel free to leave some comments bellow.



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