Week in Review 2023-01-23

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Last week was a deep dive into Django forms, actually, the deep dive started since the week before, but last week continued to be into it. I developed multiple tests to work with a form that needed to validate some data inputs, and create a new entry of a model. It was a good experience to refactor an old hack, set the code in the appropriate place, have tests covering the new code, and clean the code base.

From the urban perspective it was an interesting week too. Sunday we went to check out the Amsterdam Light Festival, 20 light art installations in the Amsterdam canals, that could be visited by boat or walking around the city. We did it by boat, a different point of view of the city. The installations combine technology with different urban elements, like the Hourglass piece, by Wilhelmusvlug, a Timelapse of the location where the piece is exhibited, showing a window in time to the location.

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