Week in Review 2023-11-13

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Last week was a short one. I went on holidays to Scotland, beautiful place. We spent the holidays walking in the forest, and enjoying the autumn. It was nice to be surrounded by nature, and to have some time to properly disconnect from everything, and recharge before the end of the year.

Work-wise, let’s do a two week update, as I didn’t post anything last week. Work has been fun, got to developed a new micro service, have been involved in some talks about infrastructure migration, and overall have been back to coding, enjoying the development of new features for our API, thinking about how to improve it, and working with colleagues on pushing features for these last weeks of the year.

Cities updates. As part of the trip to Scotland I got to learn some fun facts about Scottish towns, and I learned that the town of Inveraray in Loch Fyne, was one of the first Scottish towns to be re-build following an urban plan in 1770. The town has a main road from which all the different amenities are organised, the shops, hotels, pubs, everything is in walking distance. It’s a picturesque white town, giving it a pop-up characteristic in the Scottish landscape.

Coming back to Amsterdam, it was Pau’s birthday 🥳 on Friday and we went out to celebrate her! The celebrations included moving around the city, and of course that was by bike. It’s great to have the freedom to go out and move around a city without having to depend on an external mode of transportation, or to drive -the worst-, and just be able to bike home at 2am. This is freedom in the city at its best.

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