Week in Review 2023-11-20

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One more week gone, one week closer to 2024. Last week was a good one, at work I got to create new API endpoints, do some merge request reviews, and review data for a new project. Working with FastAPI has been interesting, I still miss Django for some things (migrations specially), but on the other hand it’s good to have so much flexibility with FastAPI. At the end of the day I think both are really good.

I got the new book by Adam Johnson, Boost your Git DX and it has been a great read. Highly recommended to anyone working with Git in the terminal.

This week, I got to edit the pictures I took while on holiday in Scotland. Here are a couple of them, you can see all them in my instagram. I enjoy taking pictures with a DSLR camera, the process of selecting the appropriate aperture, speed, and iso has something special, that cannot be replicated with a smartphone.

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