Week in Review 2023-12-04

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Tuesday week in review. Last week was a busy one at work with a day trip to Brussels to attend a meeting. To be honest, I still think about my life choices that got me to the place I am at professionally. Coming from a background in Architecture, and working in cities, to now working on software development for sustainable aviation has been an interesting path, that has got me to meet and be involved in fascinating topic such as decarbonisation efforts, and sustainable aviation (To the ones interested in the full interdisciplinary path you can read more here). I look forward to keep learning and being driven by curiosity.

Last week also came with some snow! ❄️ Not too much, not enough to get the city covered in white, but enough to make it visible. Coming from a warm place, snow is always fascinating. And that gets me to the next point, cities. Specifically Amsterdam, and how people continue to bike irrespective of the weather, and the reason for that is: good infrastructure. If a city has a safe and convenient infrastructure that promotes a sustainable way of travel, while discourages the use of private car then more people would use a sustainable transport. It’s a push-pull mechanism in which people are push out of their cars, while they are pulled to bike or use public transportation. Public policy and infrastructure at work.

Cold weather also came with its challenges. Running has been impacted with the short days and cold weather. Not the perfect combination. But happy to report that at least some days the cold hasn’t been an excuse to go out, although some other days it has been an excuse 🤷‍♂️, any way, trying to do the best.

And finally, a we got our Christmas tree. Yes we got it by bicycle! 🚲🎄

This week was quite busy and didn’t collect too much links, but still, here they are:



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