Defaults 2023

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This is a reply to Defaults by Jorge Sanz, and Default Apps 2023 by Matt Stein.

The defaults that I have been running with during 2023 are:


💻 Personal Computer: Apple MacBook (12’ mid-2017) Still working good

📱 Mobile devices: iPhone 12 Pro and IPad Pro 11’ (3rd gen)

💻 Work Computer: Apple MacBook Pro M1

📷 Photo Shooting: Canon Eos Rebel T2i. Thinking about selling it and getting something smaller. Any recommendations welcome.

Apps and Services

📬 Mail Server: Hey (personal), Outlook (work)

📝 Notes: iA Writer, neovim

☑️ To-Do: Todoist and Apple Reminders. Still trying to decided on one.

📅 Calendar: Fantastical

🗓️ Calendar Backend: Google (personal), Outlook (work)

🗄️ Cloud File Storage: iCloud (personal), Office 360 (work)

📖 RSS: NetNewsWire

👥 Contacts Management: Apple Contacts

🌎 Browser: Firefox

💬 Chat: WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram, Teams, Discord

📑 Read-it-Later: Readwise Reader

📜 Code Processing: neovim and PyCharm

🛒 Shopping List: Apple notes (switching to Reminders)

🎧 Music: Apple Music and Spotify

🎙️ Podcast: Apple Podcast

🔐 Password Management: 1password

🎞️ Photos Management: Lightroom

📸 Photo Editing: Lightroom

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