Week in Review 2023-02-13

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This week was all about getting to display a lot of text in an app. It included some copy pasting from word to custom .py files, then some refactoring to make the files simpler, and finally playing and understanding translations in Django. It was a good journey that will continue for the next week.

On the extra software projects, I also deployed an app to fly.io, it was a very simple and streamline experience working with their CLI. I am working with Tailwind for building the css, and when I tried to automate the publishing process using GitHub Actions, the css got lost 🤷. I opened an issue so I don’t forget about it. Hopefully will solve it soon, for sure I’ll write a TIL once it is solved.

On the urban side this weekend I visited Rotterdam. I had been there before, but for an event, this visit was more to get to know the city. On the way to Rotterdam I got to experience the resilience of the Dutch public transport system. On our way there, due to an unexpected disruption in the trains track, the Amsterdam - Rotterdam train stoped just outside of The Hague. However, the subway connection between Rotterdam and The Hague was still working, so us, Alton with most of the train passengers, took the subway to Rotterdam. It was a good reminder of the importance to have redundancy in systems, while one layer failed, the other one provided the service. Of course under some extra pressure, as it was now handling more passengers. It was a good reminder of the importance of redundancy for resilience in systems.


As every other week, here are some interesting links I found along the week. Hope you find them interesting.



We think that you can learn as much from reading bad code as you can from reading good one.

I agree, in my opinion it is good to learn why some code is wrong, and why it should be in a different way. Give it a look!




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