Week in Review 2023-04-03

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I’m back! Took off a couple of weeks as I was in Mexico, and then had to catch-up coming back. But here I am. I guess, this will be a week(s) in review 😉.

Two weeks in Mexico, it was great to be back home, get to see so many people, and enjoy the warm weather. As every time we go to Guadalajara, the time wasn’t enough to catch-up with all the friends and family, but I think we managed well.

On the work life, the last weeks were working on some translations and making use of Django built-in machinery for working with different languages. It was a good learning experience on how complicated it can get between the frontend and backend. Glad that we figured it out.

Last week, I had one of those mini-heart attacks when deploying. Let’s say that I brought down the production server for a couple of minutes. Luckily everything was brought back to life with the help of Jochen, and there was not a real impact. Lesson re-learned to be extra cautious when deploying 😅.

On the personal projects, during the last weeks I was invited by Fannie, from the WTF4Cities podcast to record an episode, it was a great experience, and I’ll make sure to share it once it goes live. Beside the podcast, I got back to do some coding for a personal project, and decided to leverage ChatGPT to help with the development, it was a good experience, I’m not sure we’ll be replaced by AI, but for sure AI can be a great copilot for different tasks, for example debugging error messages, or improving searching for some references/code. Looking forward to the future.

And a final note, is great that we are getting into spring 🌷, not only the trees and flowers are starting to bloom, but also the days are getting longer, and enjoying the extra hours of sun is a great feeling.

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