Week in Review 2023-05-08

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New work week! ✨ As with every change of jobs the first week has been a set up week, from setting up everything in my new computer, the development environment, gaining access the systems, and so on. As part of the set up, I tried to configure VScode, it didn’t go well, had to make multiple configurations and download various plugins to get it to half the state that I wanted. Vim + PyCharm are still the winning combo for my development needs, and now I’m up and running with the new set up 🤖. I’m impress by the Apple chips, this things fly, and are very quiet!

I have my new tasks, and now I’ll be tipping my toes in FastAPI, looks very interesting. I’m looking forward to start coding and getting to learn more about it. It feels different from Django, but also has some similarities. I’ll make sure to write some TILs about FastAPI.

Now to the urban and personal side. A good week with friends and family, finally we are getting some good weather, thus enjoying it and getting to spend more time outdoors, although we tried a picnic and an hour into it, it started to rain quite heavy. It was a good storm with proper thunders and lightings, it felt like being back home; at the end we finished with an indoor picnic.

Around the week I collected some interesting links, give them a look:




but i would absolutely watch the wes anderson remake of the matrix](https://twitter.com/blader/status/1652726228665921537?s=46&t=dWgRoYgxGqD-MGp2oa6tYQ) // I would too


We want the primary way of transportation to be your legs, and then the bicycle, public transport, and, last, cars


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