Week in Review 2023-06-19

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One more week closer to summer! Not that I have special plans for summer, but it’s a nice season.

Last week was an intense one, working towards a deadline meant pushing a little bit harder than usual, while at the same time continue the learning curve of FastAPI, and getting more and more familiar with a new codebase. It was a good week when all the tests passed, it’s always a good feeling!

I’m getting to work more asynchronously in the last couple of weeks, and I have been making an extra effort to improve my written communication, writing good documentation, even on simple things, to more complex ones and document the decisions we took. Having a single source of truth for all the team allow us to do not depend on real time communication, build a knowledge base for future team members. At the same time, forcing us to write makes the communication more clear, allows to all of us to think while we write (rather than only speak), and see our ideas in the open.

On previous work done, this week PlasticIQ went live in Brazil and Indonesia (linkedin post). It was a great experience to work with all the PlasticIQ team while I was at Systemiq, was a great learning experience, and it is really nice to see the tool now in the open! Kudos to all the team!!

Out of work, Guadalajara has been too warm! getting closer to the 40°C. For sure we need to start acting on retrofitting our cities to deal with such heatwaves, as this will not be the exception, rather than the new normal, having extreme weather conditions in cities that used to be quite mild. I’m sure such events also offer us an opportunity to have more people getting involved into acting versus climate change (or at least the optimist inside of me thinks so), hopefully these extreme weather events pushes us, humanity, outside of our procrastination moment against climate change.

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