Week in Review 2023-06-26

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Warm week, I know, it seems that I have been writing/complaining about the weather for a while, but it has been one of the warmest months in Mexico. If I’m worried bout something in the future is climate change. Some days I can be optimistic and think that as humanity we will get our act together and figure it out. But right now I’m not that optimistic. As long as we continue to grow following a capital, and personal oriented trajectory, versus a more conscious and social one, I don’t think we will have a bright future (or probably will be too bright and warm).

On the professional side, its great to work on the intersection of sustainability and software development. Trying to contribute to a better future. On a non abstract approach, that meant writing Alembic migrations for a FastAPI project, and making sure that the changes I implemented are not going to break production. Everything seems to be working accordingly, so I’ll call it a great week! 😀

This week the collection of links is a little bit short, but make sure to watch the Youtube video on the European Tramdriver Championship.





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