Week in Review 2023-09-25

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I’m back. I guess this shouldn’t be a week in review, better some months in review. The reality is that -from the personal side of life- the last months were intense and I stoped writing for such time. This will be a more personal post, no links, no cities, no tech.

My father in law passed away back in mid August. There are no words to express how we felt (are feeling) during those last months, probably that lack of words is also why I stopped writing some time ago. the priorities changed, and writing took a back seat in my brain.

As I wrote it in my Ph.D. acknowledgments, we are very fortunate to have two families cheering for us in our multiple endeavors, being living abroad, studying, or trying out new ventures. Thanks Guillermo for always cheering for us, for the support, for showing with the example that building our dreams is possible by showing up day in and day out, and most importantly for always being there, and for your love.

These last months in Guadalajara were also a reminder of enjoying everything life has for us, from eating our favorite food, enjoying the music we like, spending time with the people we love, friends and family, hugging them and being with them.

Make sure to show up, to show to the people we love that we love them, and to enjoy the little moments. Those little moments, and the persons we spend them with are what makes life interesting.

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