Week in Review 2024-01-29

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last week I posted a super short week in review, it was that short that I didn’t even sent an email. The updated was that it was my first week commuting with my new bike, a beautiful Bromtpon C-line. Since some time ago I wanted to have a Brompton, and finally last December I pulled the trigger and got it. I have to say that the integration between bicycle and public transportation is incredible, being able to just fold the bike and take it with me in the train allows me for some flexibility on my commutes, something very useful now that the NS trains are failing and running late due to maintenance and a lot of work along the tracks.

IMG_7353 The Brompton (still looking for a name), during a snowy day in Amsterdam

On the professional side the week was quite busy with meetings, new kick-offs for projects, meeting with clients, and planning for some work to be done during the next couple of months. However, I also spent some time configuring MKdocs and figuring out how to show the openAPI documentation from the API we are building in the MKdocs served documentation, so far a proof of concept is working.

This week I also reflected a little bit on this newsletter. My original idea was to send two issues per week, the Week in Review on Mondays, and some more professional/tech-oriented issue on Thursdays. However, I have been failing in doing so. I realized that I stopped doing it during the summer and never took it back. I will get back to it, so expect some new posts more city/tech oriented by this Thursday.

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