Week in Review 2024-02-05

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Normal-ish at work. Multiple meetings, start of new projects, and alignment to make sure all the projects are/will run smoothly. I missed coding this week, as the week was mostly about planning, alignment and management i didn’t have too much time to code for work (I did something on the personal side), and the little time I had was to integrate OpenAPI swagger docs, into a MKdocs-based documentation. It’s good to have both the project, and the API documentation under one roof.

I have been reflecting on the compromises on growing professionally, from an individual contributor, to being responsible of projects, managing a team, and making sure that everything runs smoothly and we meet deadlines. I don’t see myself going fully into the management path, I would definitely miss coding and being pushing some bytes around. For me, the Tech Lead role makes more sense, mentor people, contribute to the code-base, and manage, from time to time, some specific projects. Now I’m playing this kind of role and I like it, while I get to see the full picture and plan for a long goal, I still have some time to contribute (some weeks), to the code that is being pushed to production, moving between this scales gives an unique perspective of the work we do.

On the non-work side, I did get to do some coding. As I wrote in the Thursday issue, I put together an script to automatize adding my favourited Mastodon posts into this, and all future, week in review issues. It is a small script that saves me some time. This way I’m sure that I don’t lost some interesting posts I saw during the week. I really enjoy working on this small scripts.

Finally, the week ended with some time at the beach. Not a summer-like beach, a cold and windy one, but beach with friends is always a nice way to end the week. We went for a walk, lunch and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Getting to see and hear the ocean is always very relaxing. It gets me back to childhood summers and winters at the beach with family, and then with friends. It was a good week.


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