Week in Review 2024-02-12

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Busy week. Multiple meetings, planning, alignment, and bugs. The last part, bugs, or specific, user support requests, are a nice to have. It means, that people are using our software, and that the system is working. It’s always a nice feeling to know that the system I helped to build is being used by someone else, even if that also means that some bugs or issues that we didn’t see before are coming out. But hey, that’s software. A never ending bug hunting activity. Last week I didn’t have too much to code at work, besides getting familiar with Pulumi, an infrastructure as code provider, it was a good learning experience as I got to do some work on the infrastructure side, while most of my work is in the back end side.

Although, I might not have coded for work, I did some code for fun. Last Thursday I published The map is the territory, a post about using historical map assets to create ephemeral territories and maps. For creating the maps I build a small Py5 probability-based script, builds these territories. The script can generate unlimited maps, and encodes the required random seed to replicate the territory in the map, thus providing a real map to re-create the territory.

On the personal side, it was a very social week. It included dinners, and indoor skiing. Living in one of the flattest countries on earth, having the opportunity to do some skiing at 30 minutes from home, was something I was not expecting. It was really fun.

Finally, this week I read -don’t remember the source 🤦- about the importance to interact with creators. As we put our time, and in some time resources, into creating things: newsletters, videos, posts, etc. It’s good to appreciate what other people are doing and to interact with them as a way to value and encourage creators to keep with their work. This idea really resonated with me, having people replying to this newsletters really encourages to keep posting, and trying to create better content. Thus, last week I interacted with some creators, by commenting on a video, or even by giving a single like or replying to something interesting I saw online. I will keep this practice for sure.

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