Week in Review 2024-02-19

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Busy week at work. It was one of those weeks that make me glad to be working with a great team 🦾, we got to face some interesting bugs, the type of bugs that don’t throw error messages and the debugging process goes iterating over possible causes, solutions, and testing again. At the end of the day we were able to solve the issues, learnt a lot about the system, and grow as a team. It was a good week. But it was also good to get to the weekend 😅.

On the urban side of things this week I noticed, or at least consciously noticed more, the importance of providing good walkable infrastructure. During the weekend we went for a run, and the route we followed got us from multiple parks in the city, but most importantly got us through a pedestrian area that runs one block in parallel from an avenue. This pedestrian streets connects one neighborhood to a park, allowing to move through the neighborhood without having to interact with the traffic. This little options are what makes a city more human, as it allows to random encounters between people, rather than confine people to small side walks while allocating the majority of the space to cars. It was a good run.

Finally, on the tech side I got to do a long overdue clean on some configurations in my neovim environment. It was once of those long standing tasks in my backlog, that I finally had some time to get back to it. Now my configuration is clean, up-to-date, and working perfectly. I’ll make sure to open it up at some point.

Now to the -not to many- links I collected during the week:




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