Week in Review 2023-02-06

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January is gone. The last days of January and firsts of February came with interesting content. But before we go into it, a quick review of the week. Last week I was mostly focused working on a refactor of a code, and taking care of some reviews. I find refactoring code a good learning experience to make the code better, more clean, readable. Of course, having tests in place helps a lot while doing the refactor to make sure the things I break are being taking care of.

This week I also published a post about evaluating how fragmented the bicycle infrastructure in a city is. The post combine two of my favorite topics, bikes and code. And the cherry on the top: data visualization.

Writing about bicycle infrastructure was a good topic, as during the week I got into some beautiful traffic jam, I know, is it possible to have good traffic jams? Yes, just look at it:

Tram + bikes + pedestrians, perfect combo for a livable city.

As all the week, last one came with interesting links, from urban related topics as: a tour around Amsterdam’s new underwater bike park, a study about happiness in cities, and data visualization of Paris’ cycling evolution, to scientific ones, like an interview with Giorgio Parisi on complex systems, and an animated explanation of the A* algorithm. Hope you enjoy!





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