Week in Review 2024-01-02

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New year, new week in review. This will be a short one. Last week -and the week before- I was on holiday mood πŸŽ„, I took the two weeks off from work and spent them with family in Amsterdam and Bruges. We had a great holiday!

As part of the holidays I got to start a new book about the story of bikes in Amsterdam, the book β€œIn the city of Bikes” by Pete Jordan has nice insights of how Amsterdam came to become the leading (or one of the leading) bike city. A small quote from it got me thinking:

Yet, no matter the condition of their bikes, every cyclist appeared happy and satisfied. They moved with fluidity and sophistication. They stepped on and off their moving bikes with the gracefulness of ballerinas. At busy intersections, columns of bikers threaded past one another effortlessly.Such universal comfort and elegance on such basic, crappy bikes: it seemed the basis of an egalitarian society. Pete Jordan

Indeed, seeing people everyday in bikes, gives a sense of an egalitarian society, allowing people to move in such free way in a city just with a bike open opportunities to see everyone of us as equals.

Besides reading, cooking, and playing board games, I got some time to put together a 2023 defaults apps. An exercise to reflect on the apps and services I used/am using for the last year, if you are interested give them a look.

Anyway, these last weeks were really good. Hope everyone had a nice couple of weeks too. Happy new year, and here’s hoping for a great 2024!!

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